About us

Welcome to Fizzix Manufacturing, where we base our success on our customer's success.

Why we started?

Our main reason for starting Fizzix Manufacturing was to benefit our other company called Frog Legs Inc. Frog Legs is a company that provides shock absorbers for wheelchairs.


Acquired KIK Tires

We acquired KIK Tires and moved to Iowa. We then started making the best hysteresis high rebound tires around.

Tool Building/Repair for Injection Molding

Fizzix started tool building and repairs for injection molding.

Computer with a CAD Design on the screen.

Part Design and Manufacturing

Now, Fizzix is doing part design and manufacturing. We strive for our customer's success.



Fizzix values integrity. Having trust with our staff and our customers helps everyone grow collectively.


Our top priority is to deliver top notch designs, materials, and more.


We look at how a part is used/utilized in a specific scenario to deliver the most optimal design possible.